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Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram Using Reels

Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram Using Reels


What’s up guys, in this article I’m going to be talking about Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram Using Reels. And to be exact I’m going to be giving you eight tips that you can apply to your Instagram reel strategy to start getting more followers on Instagram.

So basically Instagram reel is a massive copy of Tiktok. The only reason they put out Instagram reels was due to the fact that they saw Tiktok doing so well. And I do want to mention before I give you all of these tips that these tips aren’t guaranteed and they’re not a step-by-step guide given by Instagram. But this is what people have told me and this is what I’ve seen myself when it comes to experimenting with Instagram reels.

And this is all still early because it hasn’t even been released in the United States yet. It’s being released in 52 new countries this august. So when it’s released to another billion two billion people it’s very likely that this will change. The Instagram algorithm is always changing, you should know that.


Tips 1: Retention time

So tip number one is retention time. Get people to watch you want to make people watch your Instagram reel. I don’t know what else to say an Instagram reel can be no longer than 15 seconds and you want to make those 15 seconds as eye-catching as possible. You want people to watch your Instagram reel all the way through.

Instagram sees this as good and will be more likely to show this to other people. And this is just like TikTok if you know how to grow on Tiktok you know how to grow on Instagram reels. Literally just do the exact same thing.

Tips 2: tick on Also share to feed

Tip number two is when it comes to posting your Instagram reels. Make sure that you also tick the box “Also share to feed” that way your Instagram will get initial engagement from your followers. And then that will push it in the explore page in the reels tab. The more engagement the better. Again just like Tiktok.

Tips 3: Make people want to engage with your reel

Tip number three is to make people want to engage with your reel. This could be quick and simple things. Like double-tap, if you agree or comment which one was your favorite down below? Things like this believe it or not actually make people want to engage with the content. For example, if you’re showing five of your favorite pairs of shoes in a creative way.


If you put in the caption comment which one was your favorite or even if you say it in the video or you put some text on the screen saying comment which one was your favorite. People are going to comment. Do something like one two or three-four or five. People will comment if you put that on your Instagram reel.

Tips 4: Make people want to re-watch

Tip number four is to make people want to re-watch or reel. Make sure it’s quality content blow people’s minds. When people come onto your Instagram reel, first of all, you need to keep that retention time. You want to make sure they watch it and once they’ve watched the entire 15 seconds if it’s the maximum length.

If they watch it all the way through again Instagram is going to see this as really engaging content. And then they’re going to promote it to more people. So try and think of how you can blow people’s minds. And give them that wow factor that they weren’t expecting.

Tips 5: Use hashtags

Tip number five is to use hashtags on your reels. Now, this is pretty obvious, but again use hashtags make sure they’re popular ones. But make sure they’re relevant ones. Don’t just use the hashtag dog if your post is all about shoes. For example, make sure they’re relevant and make sure they’re reasonably popular. Just do a little bit of hashtag research.


Tips 6: Use popular sounds

Tip number six and this is again similar to Tiktok. Use popular sounds in your videos. Now although Instagram isn’t s sound driven as TikTok is. I’ve noticed that it is the layout again is very similar to Tiktok. The way that they have done it if you tap on the sound it takes you through to the sound and then you can see all the popular posts that have used that sound.

And you can tell if it’s a popular sound or not and when you’re using trending and popular sounds and songs. it’s more likely that your reel will show up in the explore feed.

Tips 7: Set an eye-catching cover

Tip number seven is to set an eye-catching cover. That way when people are scrolling through your Instagram feed or your reels feed. When they see that eye-catching cover they’re going to want to click on it and Instagram will notice this. Instagram is going to see that people are clicking on this video more than others. And then they’re more likely to promote it again in the Instagram reels section.

Tips 8: Featured Reels

Tip number eight if you do all of the seven previous tips really well and your post does really well. It gets a lot of views and a lot of engagement. It’s possible that Instagram will make your reel. That is called a featured reel. This is basically a reel where Instagram gives it a little feature tag.


It’s basically Instagram verifying a post saying that it’s good content. And when your reel becomes a featured reel this reel is going to show up more and more in the feed.


52 new countries are going to have access to reels this month. I highly suggest you get creating reels and if you have a featured reel you’re going to get millions and millions of views. And again just like on Tiktok your first reels if they’re good content they are going to do very well.

Creating more content for people to stay on the platform and that is how Instagram’s algorithm basically works. Because Instagram hasn’t just copied Tiktok’s layout. For Instagram reels, they’ve also copied the algorithm because Tiktok’s algorithm is what made TikTok so good. The average time that someone would spend on Tiktok when they opened the app was I think around 10 minutes. And on Instagram, it was only around three to four minutes.

Tiktok knows how to keep people on their platform and this is what Instagram is trying to copy. So yeah there you go that was 8 Tips to Get More Followers on Instagram Using Reels. Hopefully, you understand the algorithm and how it all works. Hopefully, these tips are helpful to you. And if you have any questions please let me know in the comment section down below.


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