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How to Remove Action Blocked On Instagram | Fix This Problem

How to Remove Action Blocked On Instagram?

What’s up guys, today I’m going to talk about How to Remove Action Blocked On Instagram. So, first of all, what is an action block and why do they exist? An Instagram action block is when you can’t complete an action with your account. For example, you’ll try and comment on a post and you’ll get a notification popping up to tell you to slow down or you’ve been doing too many actions. So it won’t let you take it any further and it’s really frustrating. It stops you from being able to use Instagram pretty much.

How to Remove Action Blocked On Instagram

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You can’t put captions you can’t comment on the post you can’t like posts you can’t follow people and it’s a big problem. And now although the action block is trying to keep Instagram safe from spambots and all that. Sometimes it can be very annoying when your account gets blocked. And you don’t even deserve to be action blocked.

Types of Instagram Action Blocked?

There are mainly three types of action blocked on Instagram which everyone gets mostly. Let’s discuss these types which are most important to know before fixing this problem.


Permanently Blocked:

If you get the notice of permanently Action Blocked on Instagram then you can’t access the account again. If your account was temporarily blocked many times then this happened. Another reason is if one or more than one person reported your Instagram account then this type of error comes.

Temporary Blocked:

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A temporary block is a common problem. If you are breaking some rule then this has happened. It usually takes up to 24 hours to unblock.

Blocked with an expiration date:

This type of block gives you a date for unblocking. Normally this block takes up to 7 days. But sometimes it’s going up to 30 days also.


Why is Action Blocked On Instagram happen?

There are many reasons for Action Blocked on Instagram. We discuss first why this happened then we discuss how we can fix action blocked on Instagram. I will explain some reasons in detail why action blocked on Instagram happened.

1. Spam in comments or messages

If you are trying to promote something and send the same message to people. Then Instagram finds it’s spam. And If you are commenting on posts many times with the same message then Instagram takes action against you. If anyone reports your messages as spam then also you will get notice of an action block.

If you are set message automation then it’s good. But Instagram didn’t see it good. If you send an automation message to whom you didn’t follow then this might be a reason for Instagram Action Blocked.

2. Maximum follow/Unfollow per day

Instagram always tracks your activities. If you spend less time and do multiple actions like following/unfollow/like, etc. Then Instagram blocked your action temporarily to get a warning to you. 


There is some limitation for Follow/Unfollow per day. You have to follow this policy to not get any warning. If you are doing this several times then Instagram blocked your account permanently. So always try to increase follow organically instead of performing the follow/unfollow method. 

I already wrote an article on How to Increase followers on Instagram for free organically. you can click here and read that one.

3. Not follow Instagram policies

When you are not following any of the policies of Instagram then you get an action block error on your account. So work without violating policies. If the content you post is hate speech, fake news, etc. Then you might get the notice from Instagram that your action is blocked.

4. User Report/Complaint

Instagram can block your account if a number of people reported your account or your posts as a threat. There are many reasons to report your account for example Spamming, Hate speech, etc. 


5. Putting access Hashtags

When you are putting more hashtags or only hashtags without any content on your post then you get a warning from Instagram. They know that you are trying to increase your reach. But this is not the correct method to do. If you are found in these types of work then Instagram will block your account.

These are some reasons for the action blocked on Instagram.

So now, I’m going to give you eight different ways that you can remove the action block as soon as possible. And now some of these methods I have done myself and some of these methods I have found by doing research online and reading online blogs and forums. Let’s get started on How to Remove Action Blocked On Instagram.

How to Remove Action Blocked On Instagram 1


Tips to Remove Action Blocked On Instagram?

Tips 1: Edit Your Instagram bio

So that being said the first tip is to edit your Instagram bio. People say that if you edit your Instagram bio it makes you look a lot less like a bot. So Instagram is more likely to remove the action blocked.

Tips 2: Uninstall and reinstall

Tip number two is just to uninstall and reinstall Instagram on your phone. Now this one I don’t think it would work in my opinion but people have said that it’s worked on other forums. The reason why I don’t think it’ll work is when you uninstall it Instagram saves your cookies and data on that phone anyway so when you reinstall it, it will still have the kind of information. And I’m pretty sure an action block is linked with an account. So that won’t necessarily work but try anyway.

How to Remove Action Blocked On Instagram 2

Tips 3: Send a request

Tip number three is to send a request when the actual block message pops up. Now sometimes on the message, you get the option to send a request saying they’ve made a mistake. Sometimes it says tell us if you think we’ve made a mistake and then you just send a request saying that they have. Sometimes that has worked for people.


Tips 4: Report a problem

And if that doesn’t happen this is tip number four you just need to go into your settings. Go into help; tap on a report a problem. And then select something that isn’t working and just says that you’ve been action blocked. And you shouldn’t have been.

This has fixed the problem for me before I’ve reported this a couple of times and then like a few hours later or the next day I don’t seem to have been action blocked anymore.

Image 3

Tips 5: Use another device

Tip number five is to use another device and switch to data on that device. The reason being is because action blocks are often linked to IP addresses. So you could have action blocks across your entire phone meaning that all the Instagram accounts you use on your phone are going to be action blocked.


And the reason you have to switch to data is that if you switch to data you won’t use the same IP as your Wi-Fi address. Now a lot of the time this has been one of the best methods for me but I have had it occasionally where an action block has been linked to my account. And is gone from one account from one device to another device but hopefully, this should be one of the best solutions for you.

Tips 6: Delete third-party apps

Tip number six is to delete third-party apps and stop all BOTS. Now a lot of the time people have an ongoing action block because they’re running like Jarvee or Follow liker at the same time. And it’s just causing them to constantly get action blocked.

This is because their bot software doesn’t look authentic at all. And Instagram can tell it’s a bot software or they’re just doing way too many actions. Instagram is constantly going to be blocking that account. So I highly suggest if you are getting an action block that you definitely slow down on the automation. And remove third-party apps from your Instagram account.


Tips 7: Link your Instagram account to a Facebook page

Tip number seven is to link your Instagram account to a Facebook page. Now I’ve never done this myself but it kind of makes sense. Instagram normally has the action Block in place to stop Instagram BOTS and spam accounts from just taking over the platform.

So if you link it to a Facebook page it’s just going to look more real and authentic. So Instagram is more likely to unblock your account. And I’ve never tried this one myself but again people have said that it’s worked for them.

Tips 8: Wait 

And finally, tip number eight is probably the best one and the easiest one. Although you have to be patient it’s just to wait it out. Most of the time, my action blocks last a minimum of eight hours and a maximum of 24. I know sometimes they can be like weeks which is ridiculous. There’s not much you can do to be honest if none of the previous tips worked for you.

So yeah you just got to wait it out and make sure that you avoid doing something that will cause you to get action blocked in the future. And I know the most frustrating thing is that a lot of the time people get action blocked for literally doing nothing. Like I’ve had an Instagram account where I have maybe gone on it once every two days. And I go on it once to follow one person. And I just get action block then it is really annoying it doesn’t make sense.


How to avoid Instagram Action blocked?

So now let’s discuss some tips to avoid action blocked on Instagram. Always try these tips to not get blocked by Instagram.

1. Try not to Spam

Avoid spamming comments and messages. Try to send different types of comments and messages instead of sending the same one. You are commenting on every post you see for engagement or to increase followers. But that is not the right way. Always try not to spamming. 

2. Keep minimum action

To increase followers you always use the follow/unfollow method. But that is a policy violation on Instagram if you are accessing the limitation of taking any action per day. So try to increase followers organically.

3. Follow Instagram policies

Always try to follow the Instagram policy. That helps you to not get banned or action blocked on Instagram. Read the policy page of Instagram. 


Conclusion (How to Remove Action Blocked On Instagram)

But now I’ve given you my tips. I’m just going to give you a couple of tips to avoid getting blocked in the future. So like I said if you’re using Instagram BOTS and software if you get an action block it is normal don’t be surprised.

Most of the time they don’t last more than 12 hours but you can’t expect to have Java on full-blast and not get an action block. If you’re using it at the same time and then my second tip is that if you’re not using any software just try. And make sure you’re not abusing the follow button and that you’re not trying to follow 200 people within an hour throughout the entire day.

Because obviously, you’re going to action block them and then my third tip is probably to try. And not run more than five accounts from the same IP address. Try and switch IP addresses I like to keep three accounts to my IP address. But action blocks can be to the entire IP. So if it’s seeing loads of different Instagram accounts running different actions from the same IP it’s most likely that a few of these accounts are getting action blocked.

So that was the article for today about How to Remove Action Blocked On Instagram. If your action is blocked it’s not going to last more than 24 hours but if you found this article helpful. If any of the tips worked for you then let me know in the comment section down below.


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