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How to Make PDF File in Mobile Phone

How to Make PDF File in Mobile

What’s going on guy, we are back with another tech tutorial, and today we going to tell you, How to Make PDF File in Mobile. PDF files are the best way to ensure they look the same on your computer and any other device. They’re digital paper. And today, it’s as easy to make a PDF as it is to print your file on paper. Here’s the easiest way to create a PDF on any device without buying any new software.

No matter what you create and what app you use. If you can print it, you can turn it into a PDF. For us to make a PDF file on an Android mobile phone, we need to install the software. Many of the Android phones already have it installed because this is usually preinstalled on devices.

Everyone search “How to make a pdf on the phone?”, “How can I write on a PDF on my phone?” or “How can I make pdf on my Android mobile phone?”. But after reading this article I hope you clear all your doubts about making a PDF on mobile phones.

Make PDF File in Mobile Using Google Docs

This software is Google Docs. If you do not have it installed, here is how you can do it. Let’s install the app. First, we need to go to the Play Store. So, open the Play Store On the search above, write Google Docs. Now tap on search. After you have found the app, tap on install, and wait.


How to Make PDF File in Mobile 1

You have now installed Google Docs on your Android device. After the installation is complete just tap on Open. If you have an already created file, On Google Docs, you can upload word files or excel files so you can open them.

How to Make PDF File in Mobile 2

You can upload those files first on Google Drive. After that, search the documents on google drive and open them with Google Docs. Let’s say we need to create a new PDF file. First, click on the plus sign from the bottom. Choose a new document or a template.


How to Make PDF File in Mobile 3

For this tutorial, I will choose a model, but you can create your document, how you wish. Now, this is a document you need to customize and add your content. It does not matter how the document you have is done, and the important thing is to open it with Google docs.

How to Make PDF File in Mobile 4

After you have added all the information that you want to appear on the PDF file. Click on the three dots menu from the top-right menu. On this menu, select Share& Export.


Image 5

Now select Save as. From the format, the list selects PDF Document and clicks OK. Now the PDF is exported. You can click now on the download button from the top and get this file on your phone. You have now created a PDF file with free software.
Image 6Image 7

How to create a PDF File in Mobile with images?

Now I will tell you how to create a PDF with images. This is very simple to make PDFs on mobile phones. I hope you understand the above step and make your own PDF. But how to create a PDF with Images? Follow the below simple steps to know.

  • To create a PDF with Images go to your browser.
  • Search “Image to Pdf creator“.
  • Upload images you want to make a pdf on that.
  • After upload click on create PDF.
  • After that, a download option will be available there.
  • Click on the download button.

Now you see you got the PDF file from the images you uploaded. So, this is how you can make a pdf file with images. I hope you understand the above steps. For this, you didn’t need any software or any apps to install. Just go to your browser which you use and follow the above steps.



Hope you like my tutorial on How to Make PDF File in Mobile. Comment below if this article is helpful for you. And also comment below if you have some doubts about this. I’m here to solve your queries.

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