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How To Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software On PC

How To Download Facebook Videos Without Any Software On PC

In this article, I am telling you how to download videos on Facebook without any software. Or without any app, or online tool. Nothing is just manipulating the Facebook interface to be able to download videos.

If you want to download a video on Facebook using this simple trick without any software. All you need to do is go to on any browser. And find the video that you want to download. And when you find it just click on it to start playing it and then you can pause it.

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Step To Download Facebook Videos

Then right-click anywhere inside that video and select Show video URL. So you want to click on that and then you’ll see the video URL displayed there. Then you want to click on there once or just select that.


Right-click and copy and once that’s copied you can go and open a new tab. And then paste that URL there now makes sure you just click on paste and not paste and go. It’s just pasting and doesn’t hit enter yet.

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So now with the URL in the address bar what we want to do is manipulate this URL and turn it into a mobile or a basic mobile URL for Facebook. Now we’re going to change this WWW, some people might get web at this point web that

So you want to select that and then you’re going to change this will mbasic. Which basically means mobile basic interface. And once you’ve changed that just hit enter on your keyboard. And then it’s going to load the exact same page or the exact same video, but in the mobile interface on your computer.


Now you can see it looks like the mobile interface but this time on your PC.

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Now when you’re here just right-click on the video again. And then select open link in a new tab. And from the new tab, you should be able to see the video right there.

Now from here simply right-click again and then select save video as. And then open for you to save dialog box from where you can just select name the video if you want.


And make sure you selected why you want that video to be saved. Then just click on save and wait for that video to be downloaded.


And the amount of time it’s going to take to download depends on the size of the video and the speed of your internet connection. So once the video is complete simply go to where you chose to save that video.

And then issues to find your video right there and you can play it with your default media players like VLC or Windows Media Player or whatever. That’s how to download a Facebook video without any software or online tool or application.

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