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Paytm removed from Google Play Store, Know More…

Paytm removed from Google Play Store

Paytm has been removed from the Google Play Store, meaning that users can no longer download this app.

If you also use the Paytm app, then this news may bother you. Because the popular mobile payment app Paytm has been removed from the Google Play Store. After which users are not able to download this app. But after the discovery of Paytm, other apps of the company for Paytm business, Paytm Money, Paytm Mall still exist on the Play Store. Also, we checked it on the Apple App Store, then this app is available for download there.

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Is Paytm Removed?

Paytm has only been removed from the Play Store but if you are an iPhone user then App Store this app still exists. However, the reason for removing Paytm from the Google Play Store has not yet been revealed. Why Google has made this decision cannot be said clearly.

But if Paytm is already present in your phone, you can still use it. Explain that not only is recharged with the help of this app, but this app is used for everything from small to large payments to shopping and investment.

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When Paytm Will Return Back?

After reminding Paytm from the Google Play Store, Paytm has made it clear to users on its official Twitter account that it has not been available for download and update for some time on the Google Play Store. But soon we will return. Along with this, the company has also said that users’ money is completely safe and you will be able to use it soon.


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