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Is technology good or bad? Find Out.

Is technology good or bad?

Here we discuss Is technology good or bad? We discuss some technologies Pros and cons. Read the article till end to know the good and bad of Technology.

We know today is a technology world. Every where new technologies are developed day by day. In every field technology helps us but also some cons are there which we don’t know. So, read this article to find some technologies pros and cons.

Medical Technology

Good :

Look at medical advancements now a days. Doctors can help cure cancer! Then look at how much technology is saving number of babies all over the world. Technology advancements have been surviving more and more Premature babies. If that isn’t enough then look at more of surgical doctor teams. They are more accurate and much safer than before.

Its easy to debate that technology is bad when your life hasn’t been dependant on it. Giving a child or a grown man a new life makes it all worth it. And as far as obesity that isn’t the medicals fault or even remotely close to it, its peoples choices to choose to eat all that fatty foods.


New diseases appeared before medical technology. And they are evolve just as quick as we do to stop them. The medical technology help us against them. Without the medicines people would die from many of the sicknesses. And the technology helps us to cure people.

Bad :

While technology has come a long way in curing disease and helping bind injuries. It has also had negative consequences. Our use of antibiotics are leading to superbugs that are resistant and more deadly while our way of life is creating new medical problems from obesity to new strains of flu.


Good :

We use it to communicate to long distance family. Technology in communication is growing day by day. This communication technology helps us in connect with each other.

Bad :

People are spending too much time communicating, so that can cause seeing and hearing problems.



Good :

When we use cameras we can look back at them and remember the day or what happen on that day. Like weddings birthday and more. This technology helps us to capture momentous of ours.

Bad :

Would a painting not do as well or even better to mark such an occasion? Having thousands of photos cheapens them. This is the reason why camera technology is bad.


Good :

Microwave is a source of heating or warming food. Most people have it because it is like a smaller oven. Most people need it and have it for making food.

Bad :

Microwave cause too much pollution. They make some of the food unhealthy because of the way they heat them.


Cell phones

Good :

Cell phone is the most important thing in our life now days. we use it to see how people are and when something happens.
We communicate with people with the help of this technology. Now days there are gps on our kids phone which can track them down. Also people use as a daily need.

Bad :

Even though cell phones are great they can also produce hearing problems and brain damage. because peole are spending more time on them.
cell phones kill honeybees and birds because of radiation of cell phones.

Is Technology Making Us Lazy?

Here is some points how technology making us lazy.

A massive amount of entertainment without leaving the sofa.


There are many technologies are there which gives us massive entertainments without leaving the sofa. For example : Television, Cell phone, etc.

Checking in with loved ones without really checking in.

There are many types of technologies are there which helps you to checking in with your loved ones.

Restaurant food delivery.


There are many apps available on your cell phone which helps you to order food from outside hotels or restaurants. You can easily ordered food from your house and do not want to go outside.

Online shopping.

There are many apps available on your cell phone which helps you for shopping. You can easily ordered something from your house and do not want to go outside.

Quality time with friends.


There are many types of technologies are there which helps you to connect with your friends from sitting in your home. There are many communication technologies are there.

News at your fingertips.

There are many technologies are available which helps you to seeing or reading news.

These are some pros and cons of Technology. I hope you like this article. Please comment below in the comment section if this article helpful to you.


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