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How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10

Hello and welcome to another tech tips article. Here today I’m going to be showing you How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10. Or stop apps from opening or starting up automatically, when you log in to Windows 10. There’s nothing more annoying than having all of these apps opening without you wanting them too.

So in order to disable these apps from opening at startup. What you need to do is go ahead and hold down ctrl + alt. And then go ahead and click the delete button on your keyboard.

Ctrl + alt + delete

Disable Startup Programs

Then you’ll see this here that opens up where it says lock switch users sign out. Go to the task manager as I have here. The first one here is going to be processed. The one that we want to look at is the startup. The startup tab is the fourth from the left.


disable startup program windows10 1

And then over here on the left-hand side, you’ll see the name of the application. And then under status, this is where you need to look. Now I will encourage you to make sure that you don’t disable something that you need for your job or what you’re doing for a hobby or whatever it may be. But if something here under status says enabled. Then that means that it’s going to open up automatically every time you log in and start up Windows 10.

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How to Disable

So every time you restart every time you turn your computer or PC on that application will open up automatically. If it says disabled that means that it will not open automatically. But you can change this and toggle this from enabled to disabled if that’s something that you want to do. So in order to stop something from opening up at startup, you right-click on it. And then you can see here I can just click on disable and that is now disabled. If you want to enable it and you want it to come up as you turn your computer on.

disable startup program windows10 2


Right-click go to enable and that will allow that application to open up automatically upon startup. Think of it as a browser tab you know in Chrome or Internet Explorer or Firefox. You can have tabs that open up automatically when you open up a new browser. You know a box or window or whatever you want to call it. This is the same thing as your computer. I will encourage you to disable as many of these as possible.

disable startup program windows10 3

If you are dealing with slowdowns on your computer if your computer’s getting rather old this may be a case where one of these applications is slowing it down. Again unless you just need something to open up autumn or it makes your workflow easier.


And if you see here where it says startup impact, this will tell you the basically the degree of impact from say you know the amount of pressure. Or do hall that it’s putting on your CPU or GPU right. So again this you know this one’s high this one’s medium this one’s low you can kind of I guess you discern what you want to startup from this tab over here.


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